Friday, June 29, 2018


During school time after lunch we do tuhi mai tuhi atu it's about blogging on everyone's blogs.
The hard thing was trying to put the writing in order and putting in the slides.
What I enjoyed was doing the backgrounds and making it look colourful.

What I can do next time is try not to put all of my work on google slides.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Room 1 STEM

Today Room 1 did STEM. Everybody enjoyed doing STEM. If you can see this link on top click on that and you can see us cleaning and blogging  and some of our stem photos the thing I enjoyed was making things with boxes.The hard thing was trying to stop  myself painting. So the next thing I  can do is  asking people for help 

Friday, June 8, 2018


Today we are writing a paragraph about stem .What i did was science, my favourite science experiment was filling a lunch bag up with water  and sticking 30  pencils threw the lunch bag to see how much we can put in there   .The hard thing was sharing with others and keeping my desk top clean.

Image result for stem gif

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


                                                                          This is the 7 sisters of Matariki. Today i was learning about Matariki i learnt that Matariki is the most beautiful stars in the world but i think that Matariki and the milky way is beautiful. Well thats the end   
  of it. Here is the link to the Matariki      website  

Friday, May 25, 2018


WAL about homophones - words that sound the same, but have different meanings and different spellings.

Task - Select and use the correct homonym or homograph to complete each sentence.
  1. I have two kittens.  (too, two, to)
  2. Will you come too?  (too, two, to)
  3. Are you going to the park.  (too, two, to)
  4. He is __heir___ to a fortune.  (air, heir)
  5. Tipene needed some fresh _air____.  (air, heir)
  6. Of __course ___ I’ll come.  (coarse, course)
  7. The material felt __coarse ___.  (coarse, course)
  8. Be careful or it will ___break__.  (break, brake)
  9. Slowly put the ___brake__ on.  (break, brake)
  10. You could hear the engine _idle____.  (idol, idle)
  11. He was my _idol____ when I was young.  (idol, idle)
  12. I added two cups of ___flour__.  (flower, flour)
  13. She put another __flower ___ in the vase.  (flower, flour)
  14. I’ll go and buy a new __pair__ of shoes.  (pair, pear)
  15. The fruit salad contained apple and __pear___.  (pair, pear)
  16. The dog likes to eat _meat ____.  (meet, meat)
  17. We will __meet___ on the back field for rugby.  (meet, meat)
  18. I don’t have one __cent ___ left.  (scent, cent)
  19. That rose has a beautiful __scent ___.  (scent, cent)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

boney bones

Remember to answer using full sentences. That means part of the question should be in the answer.

  1. How many bones are in the human body? In our body’s  there are 206 bones  
  2. What is the largest bone, and where can it be found? The largest bone is in the femur and it can be found on your thigh
  3. What is the smallest bone, and where can it be found? The smallest bone is called the stapes and it can be found in your inner ear
  4. What purpose do long bones have? Long bones are involved in the production of red blood

  • Using Explain Everything on an iPad, create a picture or video of a human labelled with the information you have learned. For example, you can draw a person, find a picture on the internet, or take a photo of someone.
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