Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Today we read Maui and the giant fish we had to do 3 facts about Maui. The challenging thing was trying to find 3 facts about Maui. what i might do differently i would put some more punctuation in my facts

              Maui and the giant fish

  • Maui had  a jawbone which his ancestor Murirangawhenua had given him.
  • Māui's giant fish became known as the North Island of Aotearoa, and Māui's canoe the South island.
  • Māui became  the best fisherman ever because he caught the biggest fish.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Using the above example, rewrite this with your own information. SHARE on your blog. Follow the Better Blogging s

  • Taku whānau
  • Kia ora. Ko Te Twinkles  au.
  • Ko Kenady taku koro. Ko Jaki  taku kuia.
  • Ko jason  taku pāpā. Ko Lucinda  taku māmā. Ko kauri-rei taku tuakana. Ko Jay-jay,tiger taku tuahine. Ko kauri-rei au tana teina . Ko jay-jay,tiger taku teina.
  • Ko wai mā rātou?
  • Ko tēnei taku whānau. Ko ia taku pāpā. Ko ia taku māmā. Ko ia taku tuahine.
  • Ko wai ia?
  • Ko ia taku whaea kēkē. Ko ia te tuahine o taku pāpā.
  • Ko wai rāua?
  • Ko ia taku whaea kēkē. Ko ia taku matua kēkē. Ko ia te tungāne o taku māmā. Tokomaha aku kaihana.
  • Ae. Tokomaha ō kaihana.
  • Ko tēnei taku whānau.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

it toke for long to do this stop motion and  put songs be hind it and the intros 


Thursday, August 17, 2017

ON the weekend

this is my google slide
today we have been learning to write about our weekend it was  hard because
i couldn't get it on my blog so i asked one of my friends and i got it on my blog.and here it is on my blog waiting happily for some comments to come.

Friday, August 11, 2017

today were are learning to make our own  videos and trying to learn how to use screen castifiy